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Internal Website SEO Evaluation

The Internal Search Engine Optimization of a website is often the most damaged, underutilized, and neglected part of your SEO Efforts.

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If you have a website and have any desire to be ranked well in Google and other Search Engines, Search Engine Optimization is extremely important. Most people think of Search Engine Optimization as external back-inks to your website from other websites, blogs, and Social Media. But there are two parts to Search Engine Optimization. External AND Internal SEO. The most neglected, misused, and poorly implemented part of a website by most website owners and developers is Internal Search Engine Optimization.

What is Internal Search Engine Optimization?

The first thing Google and other Search Engines look at, even before they look at the content of your website is your Meta Tags for "Page Title", "Page Description", "Page Keywords", and Social Media integration code. Then they look to see if your H-Tags are properly used and correlate with your page title, Description, and keywords. Then they look to see if the text on that page is relevant to all of this information. The Search Engines do this for every page of your website, as every page of your website should have it's own SEO, separate and relevant to each of the other pages of your website.

This is just the beginning of what Google and other Search Engines look for to determine where to rank you in the search engines. There are many other factors, such as "text to code ratio", proper image and link tags, size of images, broken links, code errors, proper robot text files with links to an xml sitemap, and so much more.

We can generate a report that will show EVERY ERROR on your website regarding Internal Search Engine Optimization, and provide you answers how to fix the Internal SEO errors on your website, giving you the ability to maximize your SEO efforts for a high ranking position in Google and other Search Engines.

Without proper Internal Search Engine Optimization of your website, you are essentially telling the Search Engines that you do not want them to take you seriously, and in most cases, you become a throw away website regarding Search Engine Ranking.

Search Engines are not developed to "Reward" you for your optimization. They are designed to find as many disqualifying elements so they do not have to deal with your website for a high ranking position.

Eliminate the disqualifiers, and your chances of being ranked high in Google and other Search Engines dramatically increases.

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